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Deggeller Attractions is the new official carnival provider for the Bradford County Fair! Most of you have already enjoyed riding some of their rides at the Clay County Fair. We're looking forward to the new adventures this carnival brings to Starke!
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Thrill Rides

Deggeller Attractions operates a wide variety of thrill rides. Thrill rides often combine fast motions with high speeds, and sometimes heights to give patrons a thrill like no other. Many of our thrill rides are not suited for patrons under the age of 10. Click Here for more Thrill Rides that may be available to our fair!
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Funnel Force 
Sea Ray 
Starship 400 
Super Shot 
Zero Gravity 
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Family Rides

From small children to grandparents, family rides are rides geared for riders of all ages. Rides such as the Carousel, Wacky Work, Monkey Maze, and Scooter are rides that can be enjoyed by just about anyone and often allow families to ride together in the same vehicle. Click Here for more Family Rides that may be available to our fair!
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Century Wheel 
Crazy Bus 
Crazy Chopper 
Monkey Maze 
Musik Express 
Super Slide 
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Kiddie Rides

For the little ones, we have a large variety of kid rides. Kid rides are geared for small children and do not include fast motions. Some popular kid rides include the Orient Express, Circus Train, Speedway, and Quad Runners. Click Here to see more Kiddie Rides that may be available to our Fair!
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Banana Jet 
Finding Nemo 
Elephant Ride 
Quad Runner 
Orient Express 
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