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2015 Event Results

4-H Table Setting Winners

Senior Overall Winner: Courtney Paul
Intermediate Overall Winner: Ella Dinkins 
Courtney Paul, Senior Division Overall Winner 
Ella Dinkins, Intermediate Overall Winner 
Amanda Bertine 
Hailey McElhenny 
Allyson McElhenny 

Youth Goat Show and Little Kids Exhibition

Skill-a-thon Winners:
Little Bits: Matthew Stafford
Junior: Kindall Johnson
Intermediate: Emily Acevedo
Senior: Maudry Tenly 
Dwarf Breed Winners:
Champion: Kindall Johnson
Reserve: Sydney Box
Meat Breed Winners:
Champion: Emily Acevedo
Reserve: Madison Garber
Overall Winners:
Grand Champion: Emily Acevedo
Reserve Champion: Kindall Johnson
Showmanship Winners:
Junior: 1st: Kindall Johnson, 2nd: Madison Garber
Intermediate: 1st: Emily Acevedo, 2nd: Thelma Tenly
Senior: 1st: Maudry Tenly, 2nd: Sylvia Toms 
Skill-a-thon winners: Intermediate: Emily Acevedo, Junior: Kindall Johnson, Little Kids: Matthew Stafford. Not show: Senior: Maudry Tenly. 
Overall Grand Champion: Emily Acevedo 
Overall Reserve Champion: Kindall Johnson 

Rabbits and Poultry

2015 Winners: 

Grand Champion Rabbit: Katie Caren
Reserve Grand Champion Rabbit: Lisa Holtzedorf 
Grand Champion Poultry: Naomi Atwood 
Reserve Grand Champion Poultry: Kali Arnette
Katie Caren, Grand Champion 
Tara Holtzendorf, Reserve Grand Champion 
Naomi Atwood, Grand Champion 
Kali Arnette, Reserve Grand Champion 

Fair Booth Winners

1st Place: Santa Fe College
2nd Place: Bradford County Sheriff's Office
3rd Place: Bradford-Union County Health Department 
Santa Fe College 
Bradford County Sheriff's Office 
Bradford-Union County Health Department 

Swine Show Winners

Junior Showmanship:
1st: Kody Stalnaker
2nd: Eli Rimes
3rd: Cassidy Spratlin
1st: Sierra Graham
2nd: Blake Mckenzie
3rd: Hunter Merritt
1st: Hailey McElhenny
2nd: Randa Wilkins
3rd: Chelsea Thomas
Grand Champion: Sierra Graham
Reserve Grand Champion: Randa Wilkins
Home Grown Grand Champion: Sierra Graham
Reserve Homegrown Champion: Hunter Merritt

Steer Show Winners

Grand Champion Steer: Nathan Boone
Reserve Grand Champion Steer: Kaitlin Griffis

HomeGrown Grand Champion Steer: Nathan Boone
Reserve Home Grown Grand Champion Steer: Jencie Hardee

Top 5 Steers in the Barn:
1st: Nathan Boone
2nd: Kaitlin Griffis
3rd: Jencie Hardee
4th: Taylor Crawford
5th: Walker Thompson


Steer Showmanship Winners

Senior Showmanship Winners: 
1st: Kaitlin Griffis
2nd: Courtney Paul
3rd: Colton Cromwell
4th: Ethan Box
5th: Case Emerson
Intermediate Showmanship Winners:
1st: Charlie Morrow
2nd: Nathan Boone
3rd: Bailee Sheppard
4th: Kaylee Whitehead
5th: Madison Bennett
Junior Showmanship Winners:
1st: Walker Thompson
2nd: Katie Caren
3rd: Hunter Thomas
4th: Maci Whitehead
5th: Clay Fulgham

Grand Champion Steer and Homegrown Grand Champion: Nathan Boone 
Reserve Grand Champion and Senior Showmanship Winner: Kaitlin Griffis 
Reserve Homegrown Champion: Jencie Hardee 
Intermediate Showmanship: Charlie Morrow 
Junior Showmanship Winner: Walker Thompson 

Strawberry Pie Winners

Hannah Nistler: 1st Place Senior Division
Lauren Cromwell: 1st Place Intermediate Division and Overall Champion
Madison Bennett: 2nd Place Intermediate Division
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